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Sandra Caballero – High Plains Technology Center

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Woodward teenager was banking on a new life, and it paid off.

THEN: A teenager in Woodward, Oklahoma, with an infant son and no plans for their future. After high school, Sandra Caballero enrolled in the business administration program at High Plains Technology Center to try to build a better future for her new family. Caballero did just that by gaining the experience she needed to get a good-paying job, without going to college. Caballero said the High Plains program

  • Taught her essential computer skills.
  • Helped her improve her communication skills.
  • Provided her with customer service training she would use throughout her life.

Caballero called High Plains a “great environment for learning.”

“I use the skills I learned to have good opportunities in life,” she said.

Caballero is no stranger to hard work. In 2009, she received a commendation from Gov. Brad Henry at the Oklahoma Works Northwest Youth Program Alumni Celebration.

After graduating from High Plains, the teen mom was offered a job in the loan department at Stock Exchange Bank. She was later offered a job as bank teller, and then moved to the new accounts division.

NOW: Her High Plains training helped her land and keep the banking job in Woodward for six years, but Caballero said she now plans to apply those skills toward managing her own business. After resigning from the bank, she plans to work full-time at her remodeling business.

Caballero said CareerTech will help you succeed in life, and added that it’s never too late to achieve your goals and dreams for the future.

"CareerTech will help you succeed in life."

Sandra Caballero, small business owner

Last Modified on Nov 10, 2021
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