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Quality Indicator: Individual criteria that when looked at collectively determine whether a program has met the standard.

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Region IV: See ACTE Region IV.

Regional Accreditation Officer: A rep­resentative of the State Department of Education who evaluates comprehensive districts.

Regional Administrator: Serves as a liaison among comprehensive school superintendents, communities, other agencies and administrative entities involved with the delivery of CareerTech programs and services.

Registered Apprenticeship Program: A highly flexible training model combining on-the-job learn­ing and related classroom instruction in which paid employees receive technical and practical train­ing in highly skilled occupations. (United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Office of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services, 2005)

Registered Respiratory Therapist: An advanced level credential.

Registration: A credential offered by a regulatory body that administers examinations and main­tains a registry or list of qualified personnel.

Related Placement: A unit of measurement that represents the number of students joining the military, employed in related field and continuing education divided by the total number of known completers.

Research, Analysis, Communication and Evaluation: A formula used in communications and marketing strategic planning.

Resource Center for CareerTech Advancement: A division at the ODCTE that provides research on educational materials and best practices and identifies curriculum, assessments, professional development and other instructional delivery resources.

Retention (Retained): A student who continues in the same career major/program in the following academic year.

Reverse Transfer: A process in which credit hours earned by students after transfer to another institution may be applied to certificate or degree requirements at previously attended institution or institutions. Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education policies regarding requirements and standards for awarding undergraduate certificates or degrees shall apply.

Last Modified on May 06, 2022