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Occupation: A person’s usual or principal work or business, especially as a means of earning a living or vocation.

Occupational Competency: An industry-validated skill within a job.

Occupational Pathway: A plan of study leading to a specific occupation or job title.

Occupational Program: A program of study designed to provide the student with sufficient knowledge and skills to perform in a specific job.

Occupationally Specific Program: An instruc­tional program designed to prepare individuals with entry-level skills and training for employment in a specific trade, occupation or profession.

Official Enrollment: The verified cumulative count of participants in CTE programs and courses during a given fiscal year.

Oklahoma Agricultural Education Teachers Association: A division of the Oklahoma Association for Career and Technology Education.

Oklahoma Association for Career and Technol­ogy Education: An organization that seeks to provide the kind of foresight and direc­tion needed to develop a productive and competi­tive workforce for Oklahoma. The association is recognized as a dynamic educational leadership organization anticipating and fulfilling the profes­sional needs of its members and their customers in developing a competitive workforce. Members are instructors, administrators and other staff at technology centers, comprehensive schools, skills centers and the ODCTE.

Oklahoma Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences: A division of the Oklahoma Association for Career and Technology Education.

Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network: A statewide service funded by ODCTE and the Procurement Technical Assistance Program of the Department of Defense. OBAN assists Oklahoma companies in competing on federal, state and local government contracts.

Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Board: Nine-member board composed of the state superintendent of public instruction, who serves as the chairman of the board; two members of the State Board of Education; a representative of each congressional district; and one member at large. Members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate. The state director of career and technology education serves as an ex officio non-voting member and executive officer.

Oklahoma Career Information System: Internet-based career information delivery system customized for Oklahoma that combines career education and labor market information into one comprehensive, easy-to-use career exploration and job search tool.

Oklahoma Cost Accounting System: Codes defined by the State Department of Edu­cation that are used by schools to account for the expenditure of funds. These codes are also used to identify courses taken by students at the high school and technology center.

Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education: The state department that provides leadership, resources and assures stan­dards of excellence for a comprehensive statewide system of career and technology education. The system offers programs and services in 29 technol­ogy center districts operating on 60 campuses, comprehensive school districts, skill centers (prison) and juvenile facilities. The agency is governed by the state Board of Career and Technology Education and works closely with the State Department of Education and the state Regents for Higher Education to provide a seamless educational system for all Oklahomans. The agency is located in Stillwater in north central Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Department of Commerce:

Oklahoma Department of Corrections:

Oklahoma Electronic Commerce Connection: An entity of Small Business Develop­ment Services that provides training to support the growth of electronic business in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Evaluation and Industry Partnerships:  Oklahoma Education & Industry Partnership (OEIP) offers an outstanding professional development opportunity for Oklahoma educators each summer.

Oklahoma Horizon: A nationally televised show produced at the ODCTE. The staff covers stories across Oklahoma, the nation and the world, showcasing people and businesses that contribute to Oklahoma's economic success and quality of life.

Oklahoma Instructional Materials: A section of New and Related Services Division of OKACTE that addresses development of instructional ma­terials and assessments.

Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction: See State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

O*NET: The Occupational Information Network used for matching the title of an occupation with its five- or six-digit occupational code (

Open Admission: A policy whereby a school accepts any student who applies.

Open Entry, Open Exit: An instructional model in which students can enter a program at any point openings occur, progress at their own pace and exit when the content has been successfully completed.

Last Modified on Nov 01, 2022