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H.323: A protocol of commands to enable video con­ferencing over the Internet.

Health Careers Education Division: The educational division of the ODCTE that adminis­ters health careers education programs in technol­ogy centers and comprehensive high schools.

Health Careers Education Programs: Course offerings that are designed to prepare students in five major areas of study within the health science career cluster: therapeutic services, diagnostics services, health informatics, support services and biotech­nology research and development.

Health Certification Project: A joint project between the ODCTE and the Oklahoma Department of Health that coordinates the development and administration of certification tests for nurse aide, medical micropigmentation, sanitarian and related occupations.

High School: A secondary school offering the final years of school work necessary for graduation, usually including grades nine, 10, 11 and 12. (State Department of Education, 2005)

High School Equivalency: A process for acquiring a high school diploma by individuals who are 16 who are not enrolled in a high school or have graduated from high school and who meet other state requirements. Three assessments are available: GED, HiSET and TASC.

High Schools That Work: A framework of goals, key practices and key conditions that schools implement to raise student achievement and meet higher standards. The primary goals are to raise the mathematics, communication, problem-solving and technical achievement of students and to blend the essential content of tra­ditional college-preparatory studies with quality career and technical studies.

HiSET: One of three exams available for earning a high school diploma in the High School Equivalency program in the Adult Basic Education Division of Oklahoma CareerTech. The exam was developed by Educational Testing Service and Iowa Testing Programs.

Human Resources: The entity of the ODCTE that coordinates hiring and orientation activities, provides professional growth opportuni­ties and specific training programs for staff mem­bers and maintains the compensation, benefits and performance review systems.

Human Resource Certification Institute: An internationally recognized certifying organization for the human resource profession.

Last Modified on May 06, 2022