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Basic Skills: Basic academic and tutorial services designed to increase literacy levels, upgrade lit­eracy and improve listening and speaking skills. Also referred to as Pre-CareerTech skills. See Employability Skills.

Basic Literacy Skills: Reading, writing, mathematics, problem solving and interpersonal skills training that enables adults to communicate in English, use math, obtain a high school diploma or GED and become productive, employable citizens.

Best Practices: Examples of how high-performing schools, programs or strategies are achieving success.

BETA II: A learning aptitude test.

Bid Assistance Center: Oklahoma Bid As­sistance Network.

Business and Entrepreneurial Services: Training and services provided by technology centers that offer professional assistance and guidance to people interested in starting new businesses in Oklahoma and provide business owners step-by-step programs for creating and growing successful businesses.

Business Incentives: Benefits offered to firms as part of an industrial attraction, retention or expansion strategy. A few incentives are tax abatements and credits, low interest loans, infrastructure improvements, job training and land grants.

Business Incubator: Entity that nurtures and supports young companies until they become viable, providing them with affordable space, technical and management support, equity and long-term debt financing and employment. The three basic objectives in creating an incubator are (1) to spur technology-based development; (2) to diversify the local economy; and (3) to assist in community revitalization.

Business and Industry Services: A division of the ODCTE that provides resources and support to business and industry staff at technology centers. It offers customized business and industry training services. It also provides resources for executive, management and employee training. The focus is on all aspects of organizational development, organizational needs, assessments, pre-employment assessments, supervisory training, skills training, etc.

Business and Industry Services CORE Cer­tification Program: A professional development program for business and industry services coordinators in technology centers.

Business, Marketing and Information Technology Educa­tion Division: The educational division of the ODCTE that administers business infor­mation technology and marketing education programs in technol­ogy centers and comprehensive high schools. The division provides products and services to promote the development of a comprehensive delivery sys­tem that is customer-focused and client-based for business, information technology and marketing industries.

Business, Marketing and Information Technology Educa­tion Programs: Course offerings that are designed to prepare students in eight major areas of study within the business, management and administra­tion and information technology career clusters: management, business financial management and accounting, administrative and information sup­port, human resources, network systems, informa­tion support and services, interactive media and programming and software development.

Business Professionals of America: The CareerTech student organization for students enrolled in business, marketing and information technology related educational program.

Business Recruitment and Attraction: Traditional approach to economic development to entice companies to relocate or to set up a new branch plant or operation in a state or locality; often referred to as "smokestack chasing."

Last Modified on May 06, 2022