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SAE: Supervised Agricultural Experience.

SAMC: Statewide Automated Manufacturing Center.

SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test.

SBCTE: State Board of Career and Technology Education.

SBDC: Small Business Development Center.

SBIR: Small Business Innovation Research.

SBM: Small Business Management.

SCAA: Solicitation Cooperative Agreement Ap­plication.

SCSS: Skills Centers School System.

SDA: Service Delivery Area.

SDE: State Department of Education.

SEOG: Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant.

SET: Self-Employment Training.

SET: Specialized Electronics Training.

SME: Subject Matter Experts.

SMEI: Sales and Marketing Executives Inter­national Inc.

SPC: Statistical Process Control.

SRHM: Society for Human Resource Management.

SSN: Social Security Number.

STAR: Students Taking Action With Recognition.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Last Modified on May 06, 2022