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DAT: Differential Aptitude Test.

DCMA: Defense Contract Management Agency.

DDI: Development Dimensions International.

DECA: CareerTech student or­ganization for marketing education students.

DECA CDC: The state career development confer­ence for DECA members.

DECA FLC: The fall leadership conference for DECA members.

DHS: Department of Human Services.

DLA: Defense Logistics Agency.

DOC: Department of Commerce.

DOC: Department of Corrections.

DoD: Department of Defense.

DOE: Department of Education.

DOE: Department of Energy.

DOL: Department of Labor.

DOT: Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

DOT: Department of Transportation.

DSPT: Dietetic Support Personnel Training.

DTN: Data Transmission Network.

DVD-ROM: Digital Video Disk-Read Only Memory.

DVOM: Digital Volt-Ohm Meter.

Last Modified on May 06, 2022