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Work-Based Learning Video Contest 2022

Produce a video about the benefits you get from CareerTech’s work-based learning.
Tell us your experience in your own words. You write it. You shoot it. Win cash for your program. See your winning video on CareerTech’s website and YouTube channel.

Your video should tell us:

  • Who you are, where you go to school and what CareerTech program you’re in (you don’t have to give your name).
  • The work-based learning experience you’re in and the business you’re learning from.
  • The skills you’ve learned from the experience.
  • How you’ve benefited from the experience.
  • What you want others to know about WBL.

Rules for submitting videos:

  • Each program may submit up to five videos.
  • A single program can have up to three winning videos.
  • Submit videos before Dec. 16, 2022.
  • We’ll pick the winners by Jan. 20, 2023.
  • Winning programs will receive funds by Feb. 3, 2023.

Each video must be entered in one of these categories:

  • High-end edited videos
    • Three to four minutes long
    • Six winning videos
    • $500 award to the program
  • Social media-type videos
    • Two to three minutes long
    • Six winning videos
    • $250 award to the program

Specific Criteria Required for Video Submissions

  1. Each individual in your video MUST sign an Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education photo/video use release form. The forms of those under the age of 18 must be signed by a legal guardian.
  2. You MUST be enrolled in an accredited ODCTE program in a middle school, high school or technology center.
  3. Each video submission MUST be accompanied by a written letter from your school’s administration authorizing the video to represent the school and to approve the awarding of the funds to the program for winning videos.
  4. Any videos shot at a business MUST be accompanied by a letter from the business authorizing ODCTE to use the video for the promotion of work-based learning in multiple marketing media, including the CareerTech website and YouTube channel. (Note: Videos shot at businesses will score higher than those shot in the CTE program.)
  5. The WBL video should be about one or a combination of the following WBL experiences:
    • A mentoring experience through which you meet multiple times a year with a professional in an industry in which you are interested.
    • An internship at a business (can be completed virtually).
      • The internship can be paid or unpaid.
      • The internship can look a lot like a part-time job as long as you can explain how what you learned in your CareerTech education program helped prepare you for the job.
      • Please explain what you learned at the workplace that you couldn’t experience in the CTE program.
    • An apprenticeship your program prepared you to enter.
  6. You should create a title for your video that will entice others to select it from a list of videos and view it.
  7. The target audience of your video is other students and/or employers considering participating in WBL.
  8. What you want viewers to do is to act now, do the research and seek out an opportunity to engage in WBL.
  9. All U.S. copyright laws MUST be followed for photography, video and music produced by another person or organization and used in your video. ODCTE will provide music from several genres that will be available to you if you wish to have music in your video.


Additional questions, access to the background music, and instructions for
uploading your submissions should be directed to:
H.L. Baird
Statewide Work-Based Learning Liaison

Download a printable copy of the 2022 Work-Based Learning Video Contest flyer

Last Modified on Sep 07, 2022