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Thousands of students and thousands of employers – how do you get the right student to the right employer? Use the Get Skilled Now online platform.

GSN helps employers Get the Skilled employees they need Now.

GSN is a purpose-built Work-Based Learning facilitation and management tool to make WBL implementation, management, and outcomes reporting much easier for the student, school, and employer.

GSN has robust search capabilities that students and employers can use to create laser-focused or broad searches. Filtering can be based on specific skills and certifications, types of technical programs, courses taken, educational institution, geographical areas, or any combination.

This tool is great for those who are old pros at WBL and those who are brand new. The system provides a process for aligning expectations for all parties. Learning objectives can be identified and feedback provided through an automated system. The student, school, and employer are engaged and informed throughout the WBL experience.

We know students are on the move! They can download the Get Skilled Now app for their phones and search for WBL and employment opportunities when and where the time is right for them.

Employers wanting to participate or learn more, please visit Get Skilled Now Employers.

Schools with Oklahoma CareerTech programs can make this powerful tool available to their students at no cost. For schools wanting to participate, please email or contact H.L. Baird (see contact information below).

Didn’t see the information you were looking for? Contact Statewide Work-Based Learning Liaison H.L. Baird. He will be glad to tell you more about this exciting system that connects the right students with the right employers.

H.L. Baird, Statewide Work-Based Learning Liaison
Government & Economic Development Partnerships
Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
Phone: 405.743.6812

Last Modified on Mar 06, 2023
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