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STEM Communities

Resources to help Oklahoma communities and regions become recognized STEM Communities/STEM Regions

The STEM Community Initiative

Efforts to strengthen science, technology, engineering, and math education are a major priority for the state and the nation. Building a STEM-capable workforce ensures that all citizens are prepared to meet the changing demands of the modern workplace and provides businesses with the talent needed to compete successfully in the global economy. Oklahoma communities are already taking great strides toward meeting the evolving demands of the STEM workforce. Education partners at all levels — in public schools, in career and technology education, and in higher education — have boosted their STEM course offerings, aligned their instruction with STEM career pathways, and collaborated as members of STEM-focused partnerships. Oklahoma industries and employers have placed a premium on recruiting STEM-ready workers and supporting education and training efforts at all levels. Interest in related credentials and certificates remains strong. City government leaders and taxpayers have supported investments in local schools and city infrastructure to meet the changing needs of learners and employers.

The STEM Community/STEM Region initiative allows the State of Oklahoma to recognize the ongoing efforts of individual communities and regions in preparing the state to compete on a global level. Oklahoma Statutes authorize the Governor to designate a STEM Community or a STEM Region.

Seeking designation as a STEM Community or STEM Region is not difficult. Simply follow the guidelines in this Application Guide to prepare and submit the application. No fee is involved with the application process.


Oklahoma STEM Community Application Guide - Guidelines and application checklist for applying to become a recognized STEM Community/Region.

Map of Oklahoma STEM Communities - updated June 2018

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