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T2L Induction

A coaching and mentoring program that provides support to help guide new teachers through the first year and, if needed, the second year.


The T2L Induction program is a coaching and mentoring program that provides support to help guide new teachers through the first year and, if needed, the second year. It is especially beneficial for alternatively and provisionally certified teachers. During induction, the new teacher joins a team consisting of an instructional coach, an on-site mentor and an administrator, who work together to develop a customized plan for achieving success in the classroom.


T2L Induction benefits new teachers by:

  • increasing new teacher retention.
  • providing customized, individualized support for teachers.

Cost and Registration

Cost is $750 per teacher.

Register new teachers here: Registration Link  

Contact Nancy Rodriguez at 405.743.5179 for more information.


Mentor, Administrator and Instructional Coach Training

Training will be offered online.

If you have any questions, please contact .

New Teacher Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in the process with an energetic and open-mind to input throughout school year.
  • Meet with building mentor for a minimum of 72 hours.
  • Spend a minimum of six visits with the instructional coach.
  • Keep instructional leader informed of progress.
  • Complete the Professional Development Needs Assessment form.
  • Use your team to help you succeed.

On-Site Mentor Responsibilities

Mentor Teacher Definition: Any teacher holding a teaching certificate who is employed in a comprehensive school or technology center district and who has been appointed to provide guidance and assistance to a resident teacher employed by the school district. A mentor teacher shall be a classroom teacher and have a minimum of five years of CTE classroom teaching experience.

  • Participate and actively engaged in the mentoring process.
  • Participate in approved mentor training (mentors must attend training every five years).
  • Provide support and instruction to new teacher.
  • Commit to spending a minimum of 72 hours in one-on-one mentoring with the new teacher.
  • Keep new teacher, instructional leader and instructional coach informed of the teacher's progress.
  • Document hours spent during mentoring process using the School Reimbursement Form.
  • Submit mentoring information on the School Reimbursement form to . Submission dates: Oct. 15, Dec. 10, Mar. 11 and May 6.

Mentor Payment

All school mentors will receive a payment of $500 for providing 72 or more hours mentoring a new teacher

Use the School Reimbursement Form to record mentoring hours and submit for mentor payment.

Mentor Payment Scale

  • $500 for 72 or more hours mentoring
  • $250 for 36 to 71 hours of mentoring
  • $150 for 20 to 35 hours of mentoring
  • no payment for 19 or fewer hours.

Instructional Coach Responsibilities

  • Provide six visits to each new teacher during the school year.
  • Participate in professional development opportunities sponsored by ODCTE.
  • Work with teachers on items identified in Professional Development Needs Assessment form. Submit all documentation to the coordinator.
  • Instructional coach will collect Cumulative Verification of Mentoring Hours by Onsite Mentor form from the schools they serve at the end of the school year team meeting.
  • Verify that all information is complete and accurate (Cumulative Verification of Mentoring Hours by Onsite Mentor form and Verification of Mentoring Hours by Onsite Mentor form).
  • To serve as support, not as an evaluator, to the new teacher. Input into hiring and other personnel decisions will not be provided.
  • Facilitate team meetings with the new teacher, on-site mentor and instructional leader.
  • Provide communication to the instructional leaders, on-site mentor and ODCTE.
  • Provide guidance to supporting the new teacher process.

Instructional Leader Responsibilities

  • Register the new teacher for the mentoring program with the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech Education.
  • Participate in approved mentor/administrator training (instructional leaders are encouraged to attend training every five years).
  • Provide resources necessary for mentor to participate in mentor training.
  • Develop and utilize selection criteria for determining the on-site mentor.
  • Provide in writing to ODCTE, the name of any teachers who withdraw from the program.
  • Provide on-site guidance and evaluation of mentoring process.
  • Work with the new teacher and mentors to resolve any concerns or issues.
  • Meet with the New Teacher Team a minimum of three times -- beginning of school year, middle of school year and end of school year.
  • Provide adequate time and support for mentor and new teacher to obtain the 72 hours of mentoring.
  • Have all participants sign the New Teacher Team Agreement form at the first team meeting.

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech Responsibilities

  • Provide support to all parties involved.
  • Provide up-to-date resources.
  • Provide mentor training to new and experienced administrator/mentors and instructional coaches.
  • Maintain current and accurate records of the Teacher Induction Program.
  • Facilitate communication among program participants and ODCTE.

Teacher Withdrawal

The Instructional Leader will provide notice in writing to the Oklahoma Department of CTE to  by Oct.8 in the event a teacher withdraws from a program.

For More Information

Nancy Rodriguez, Leadership & Professional Development Coordinator

Last Modified on Apr 24, 2023
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