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CareerTech Master Educator Program

This unique personal learning opportunity allows you to tailor your own professional development plan through a multi-level learning management system. CareerTech’s Master Educator program is designed to inspire continuous growth through a variety of learning experiences, while also providing the opportunity to track and manage your personal professional development goals.

The Master Educator is a continuous learning model that supports life-long learning. You are in charge of charting your own course, self-selecting the training you wish to pursue at each level.


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Online Courses Available

Categories of courses include:

  • Business, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Education
  • Google Training
  • Human Resources
  • Inservice Professional Development
  • Leadership
  • LinkedIn Learning Courses
  • Microsoft Office Training
  • Special Interest Courses
  • Trade and Industrial
  • Wellness

Catalog of Learning Paths

As you begin in Level 1, you will determine your path and enroll in courses that interest you. Your path can change based on your needs at any time. We have several suggested learning paths to provide direction and inspiration, but you will ultimately determine your route at each level. Whether you’re a 20-year veteran or a first-year teacher, you will find something valuable.

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External Training

You can also use many trainings completed outside of Master Educator to meet your Level completion. Approved trainings completed after July 1, 2019 can be added to your Master Educator transcript by uploading a certificate or proof of completion.

Level I Master Educator

Begin the journey by selecting your path of professional development in the Level I Master Educator.

Level I training supports your journey of gaining knowledge at a foundational level. Choose the courses that best fit your professional development needs, such fundamental educator skills, emerging technologies, or new areas where you would like to develop expertise. After completing a minimum of 170 hours for this level, you will receive the Level 1 Master Educator competency. 

Level II Master Educator

Continue your personal and professional growth toward your career destination as a Level II Master Educator

At this level, you should seek training offerings that will help build your confidence with the theory and practice of education and related skills. After completing Level I and completing a minimum of 190 additional hours, you will receive the Level II Master Educator competency.

Level III Master Educator

A horizon beyond the one you imagined as a Level III Master Educator

For Level III, choose courses to help you develop advanced concepts that exemplify good practice. After completing Level II competency and completing an additional 230 hours, you will receive the Level III Master Educator competency.

Level IV Master Educator

Leading Down The Road as a Level IV Master Educator

As a learner pursuing Level IV, you will complete courses that allow you to achieve expertise in new areas and to share your knowledge and experience by becoming a mentor and leader within the CareerTech system. After completing Level III and a minimum of 260 additional hours, you will receive the Level IV Master Educator competency.


Last Modified on Jan 24, 2022
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