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CareerTech OCAS Subject Codes

Oklahoma Cost Accounting System: Codes defined by the State Department of Education that are used by schools to account for the expenditure of funds. These codes are also used to identify courses taken by students at the high school and technology center.

2021-2022 CareerTech OCAS Codes

  • FY22 State Program Codes
  • FY22 Course Codes
  • OCAS Changes for 2021-2022 School Year
  • 2021-2022 Academic Credits for CareerTech (meeting requirements for OK Promise and the CollegePrep/Work Ready and CORE Pathways.)

2020-2021 CareerTech OCAS Subject Codes

For more information on CareerTech OCAS subject codes and transcripting click below:
Counseling and Career Development.

Oklahoma State Department of Education Subject Codes
(Scroll Down to Subject Codes under the Documents section)

 Last Update 8/26/2020

Last Modified on Dec 10, 2021
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