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HCE Email #9

HCE Email #9  Did You Know--Our weather is CRAZY! 4.17.20

Hey all you cool cats and kittens--if you haven't seen the latest add on episode of Tiger King with Joel McHale interviewing the whole gang (minus Joe Tiger), it's pretty funny!

Wishing the weather would be nice for the weekend, but guess it doesn't matter when you are indoors!!

I'm attaching another batch (MORE!!!????) of resources.  Some have quick timelines, like webinars that are today and Monday if you're interested.

Later today, I'm going to send each occupational group a note with the email list.  Please let me know if you should NOT be on that list and where you would rather be aligned.  

In these days of continuous disappointment, I saw something cool on facebook--Clinton High School is having a virtual graduation ceremony for each student.  The senior will have an appointment to come to the school, walk across the stage, get their diploma and have their very close family in attendance so they can take pictures, etc.!!!  If this continues, we might want to consider that for students in our programs.  

Besides the attachment, I found a Ted-Ed that I found fascinating and I may or may not be referring to the teacher with wine in their hand at 3:30 while social distancing 🙂   

How does alcohol make you drunk?
By Judy Grisel, directed by Anton Bogaty
Ethanol: this molecule, made of little more than a few carbon atoms, is responsible for drunkenness. Often simply referred to as alcohol, ethanol is the active ingredient in alcoholic beverages. So how exactly does it cause drunkenness, and why does it have dramatically different effects on different people? Judy Grisel explores alcohol's journey through the body.

How does alcohol make you drunk? - Judy Grisel

Follow alcohol on its journey through the body to find out how it causes drunkenness and why it affects people differently. -- Ethanol: this molecule, made o...

Have a great weekend my friends and don't forget to read the resource page!!

Lara Morris

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