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Did you Know September 9, 2021


Happy Thursday all!

Just a few things today since I’ve been out hitting the pavement, meeting with new teachers and doing program evaluations/accreditation visits.

  1. It’s here—it’s here!!!  It’s time to sign up for the Long Term Care Workshop that helps teachers meet the requirement of attending a “Train the Trainer” course mandated by federal law.  CareerTech offers this training three times per  year and registration is now open for the Tuesday, October 5, 2021 date.
  1. Early Bird Registration ENDS TOMORROW for Anatomy In Clay’s virtual “Virtual Musculoskeletal and Body systems Professional Development” will be held on Oct. 28 and 29 from 9:30-4:30 CST  Early Bird cost $649.  Will be $749 after the 10th.   LIVE, Virtual Musculoskeletal and Body Systems Professional Development Registration, Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 10:30 AM | Eventbrite
  2. You have the opportunity to join a complimentary webinar titled “Impacts on Workplace Drug Testing:  Marijuana, Opiods & COVID—Oh My!  On Thursday, September 30, 2021, 1pm CST.  This is sponsored by Occupational Health & Safety and explains the following points:
    • Update on states with medical and legal marijuana laws
    • Review of states (and cities) that limit testing or employer actions
    • Recent data on drug use trends
    • The challenges of pandemic self-medicating & remote workforce
    • Recommendations on how employers can adjust to these new laws and still provide a safe workplace
    • Importance of post-employment testing and reasonable suspicion training
    Register at: Impacts on Workplace Drug Testing: Marijuana, Opioids, & COVID — OH MY! -- Occupational Health & Safety (
  3. On Sept. 29 at 3pm CST, the NAHCA (Nursing Assistant organization) will offer a webinar titled, “Bridging the Generational Gap”, citing that nursing homes have four and sometimes FIVE different generations working in the same facility and addressing the challenges that brings.  Register at:  Webinar Registration - Zoom
  4. The same group has a very effective article written by a nurse aide who chose not to get the COVID vaccine, and then got the disease.  I found it interesting and hope you will too.  The comments after the article are also a good read!   I Said “No” to the Vaccine. Then I Got COVID. | NAHCA | The CNA Association (
  5. On Wednesday, September 8, 2021, the inaugural meeting of the Oklahoma HOSA Leadership Advisory Board was held.  Officers were elected and the mission statement was formulated—a new step in a new direction for Oklahoma HOSA!  Minutes and more information will be made available by HOSA State Advisor Debbie Bennett at a later date!
  6. CareerTech Educator Conference:  Based upon the current enrollment for the in-person CareerTech Educator Conference scheduled for September 16, we have chosen to change to a virtual only format.  The in-person CareerTech Educator Conference has been cancelled, but we are offering some LIVE sessions at the virtual conference.  The registration tickets for the in-person event will be cancelled, and funds will be refunded.  We apologize for the inconvenience. You can still register for the Virtual CareerTech Educator Conference until noon on 9/15/2021.     
  7. The Teacher Lottery Scholarship, provided by the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund, is available for application until September 21, 2021.  These funds are to be used for educators obtaining their teaching credentials or administrator credentials.  Funding is dependent on available monies and can be used for up to nine credit hours per applicant.  For more information:  Lottery Funds Scholarships — CareerTech (CT) -
  8. From the National Consortium for Health Science Education:
        • Join the Health Science Educator’s Bootcamp on Saturday, September 25, 2021 in a “come and go” FREE zoom conference from 12-4 CST.  To register:  Meeting Registration - Zoom   ALL TEACHERS are WELCOME!!!
        • On Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 3pm CST, Celena Mills will present a webinar titled “The Reveal: NCHSE Work-based Learning Guide and New Resources, V. 4” which will feature NCHSE’s newest resource.  Register here: Meeting Registration - Zoom
        • Perkins legislation has a HUGE emphasis on Work-based Learning, therefore, NCHSE brings you the NCHSE Work-based Learning Guide and Resources, v. 4,.  If you own a previous copy, the new edition is available for the cost of the increase which is $50.  For those who haven’t purchased this resource before, the cost of the WBL Guide is $150 for our state which pays for both a state membership to NCHSE and individual memberships through HSEA.
                i.      If you plan to purchase the upgrade directly through our online store with a credit card, you need to reply to this email to request a unique code. You will apply the code to receive the discounted price at checkout.
               ii.      If you plan to use a purchase order and need a quote, email  with that request. 
        • Check out the details regarding this amazing resource here:  Work-Based Learning - National Consortium for Health Science Education (
        • Please consider attending the 2021 National Health science Conference and Pre-Conference October 26-29, 2021.  This event has been expanded to include a virtual option as well as a live option!  Early registration ends Sept. 24!!! National Health Science Conference - National Consortium for Health Science Education (
        • If you are on Facebook---PLEASE consider “liking” both the National Consortium for Health Science Education AND the Health Science Educator’s Association!!  There are amazing activities that instructors all over the country are sharing.  After filling out the request and being approved, be sure to read through the “files” tab a the top of the page……………….so many great ideas…………..FREE!!!

I’m sure there is more I should share, but consider this my gift to you! 😊  Have a great weekend!


Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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