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Did You Know May 4, 2021

In 1953, an Arkansas teacher wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt about the need to recognize and honor the nation's teachers. Mrs. Roosevelt persuaded Congress to proclaim a day in May as National Teacher Day. National Teacher Day is celebrated on Tuesday of National Teacher Week; this week is observed the first full school week of May each year!  There has never been a year when teachers have meant so much to so many…..especially those parents who last year realized JUST HOW HARD teaching is!!!  Respect and Love for you all!!

Just in case you need other things to celebrate, it’s also World Asthma Day and finally, Star Wars Day!  May the “Fourth” be with you today and every day!

  1. In response to a teacher request last week, we have added resources for those of you who may be studying to take the Biological Science test in order to offer Anatomy and Physiology for high school graduation and to count for college entrance!  I took some time to load the videos that were created in 2013 when Starla Ewan provided a day-long workshop to prepare students (aka teachers) with a Biology study session.  These were posted at one time on under health, but were too large of files, so the administrator took them off.  Once again they LIVE!!!  If you need to study for the Biological Science 010 exam to add it to your teaching certificate, please feel free to use the resources found on under Health/Health Teacher Resources/Biological Science and be sure to download the attachment which lists each module and the corresponding link on YouTube.
  2. In other news, Health Careers Education has a YouTube channel!  Starting this week, when I post a video to the Did You Know, I’ll try to remember to add it as well.    The plan is to have a page of resources, but not something that allows comments or posting from the outside.  I’m happy to review a resource you’d like to share and post if appropriate! 
  3. Our friend Nurse Nancy met with the Practical Nursing instructors on Monday, April 26th and she was full of great information about using Tic Tock (the app your junior high kid won’t stop watching) in the classroom.  She shared the sites that she finds great content and shared her page as well. 
  4. OHCETA (Oklahoma Health Careers Education Teachers Association) is looking for a few good men and women to step up into leadership roles!  We need to fill a slate, and specifically need volunteers to take on the following roles:
  • Member at Large: 
    1. Health Clusters/Academies
    2. PN Instructors

We have two meetings per year (yep—just two) that we ask your participation in.  Contact JR Polzien, your President, now with your desire to help out.  The Treasurer maintains the checkbook and budget but all items go through our office first, so you don’t do anything you’re not told to do and the Sim Coordinator/Specialist is a great role for someone looking to be part of the resource team, finding and sharing information with teachers and helping with the Sim Conference in the spring.  The members at large give brief updates on your profession at meetings AND facilitate the Summit meeting with your instructional area group.  JR can be reached at:

  1. Online Curriculum for Health Science Courses Aligned to Industry Standards is available through Cengage/National Geographic through their MindTap platform.  MindTap for Health Science incorporates powerful content with video, reporting/analytics, study tools, certification prep and hands-on simulations.  Watch MindTap for Health Science in Action  Request Free Review Access   Brian Campbell is Oklahoma’s Rep and is available at
  2. Do you have a new found interest in Public Health due to the events of the past year?  This FREE webinar might be very interesting:  Lessons Learned from COVID-19:  Pandemic Planning for the Next “Big One” will be held on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 11am Central Time.  Presented by Occupational Health and Safety, it is also sponsored by some big names and attendees will have a chance to win prizes from sponsors including Skullcandy Sesh Wireless Earbuds, Amazon gift cards and more!   Register Today!
  1. You are committed to caring for your patients, but who cares for you? Self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity to keep you healthy and happy. Especially during these challenging times, you deserve some extra love and respect. Join us on May 18th at 3pm CT for a special webinar on Who Cares for the Caregiver?. NAHCA co-founder and chief clinical officer Lisa Sweet will be joined by NAHCA Board member Celeste Wooten to talk about exercises and activities you can do to stay mentally, emotionally, and physical fit.  Register here!!
  2. Social emotional learning has become one of the most important initiatives for schools throughout the world. How can districts use SEL to address students’ trauma, help them cope with changes, and be successful in the 2021–22 school year and beyond -- and how can technology support this effort?   Dr. Kecia Ray talks with experts about the latest research around SEL and how districts can build a sustainable social emotional learning plan to support their school communities and spot early warning signs of student mental health concerns. Plus! All attendees will receive a $5 Starbucks coffee voucher once they've attended as a thank you.*  It’s FREE and on Wednesday, May 5 at 2:30pm CST—Sign up here because everyone loves Starbucks and everyone hates student mental crises!!
  3. So this just popped up today—I can vouch for their classroom training tools!  Please consider downloading the FREE Geriatric Training Tool Implementation Guide and the Free Guide:  Classroom Ideas to help Students Develop Empathy Towards the Elderly!!Geriatric Training Tool Implementation - Realityworks    MO College Creates Geriatric Sensory Workshop to Prepare Students for Health Care Careers - Realityworks
  4. We are excited to announce that registration for the 2021 Oklahoma Summit is now open.  To register for the conference, go to:  There will be a $2 convenience fee for anyone paying with a credit card or e-check.  The early bird registration ends on Monday, July 12, 2021.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Housing is already open and Health Careers will be at the Embassy Suites, Norman for the second day of sessions.
  5. Last but not least, an article I recently read discusses what we have learned from the online education due to the pandemic over the past year, including some of the important things students need to be taught about “digital citizenship”.   There are several resources online that teach children digital citizenship. Common Sense Media, for example, provides free digital citizenship courses for grades K-12. There are also digital citizen apps, such as Easy Tech by, that aim to teach kids basic uses, best practices, and safety risks online, or a unit by BrainPOP that instructs kids on online best practices through fun activities, quizzes, and games. Cyberwise also offers a free digital course for parents and educators, as well as resources and articles. Is digital citizenship the most important takeaway from distance learning? | Page 2 of 2 (  Some of the things they recommend students be taught are:
  • Behaving appropriately when online, i.e., encouraging students to use THINK: 
    • Is it Truthful? 
    • Is it Helpful? 
    • Is it Inspiring? 
    • Is it Necessary? 
    • Is it Kind?
  • Learning to protect their private information online.
  • Being respectful of themselves and others.
  • Saying “no” to disruptive or bullying behavior, and encouraging others to do the same and be respectful.
  • Negotiating conflict with others, for example, in online games or while collaborating on a project.
  • Recognizing the benefits of teamwork when partnering in a virtual space.
  • Becoming effective communicators by sharing messages and ideas using global chat and voice chat tools like Discord can increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Sharing their mistakes and persistence with others. Doing so will help them see failure as both an opportunity to learn (“Well, that didn’t work!”) and as a chance to save others from a similar fate.

Now isn’t that something we all need to learn???

Consider this final note your reminder… have just a few days to get your mom something for Mother’s Day!  And while you’re thinking about what to get, or what to get your wife, daughter, in-laws, etc., here are a few Mother’s Day fun facts!  And as per bullets 2-5, think out of the box….gift cards instead of flowers!!

  • Not everyone celebrates Mother’s Day in May. Several countries, including Afghanistan and Bulgaria, mark the day on March 8, which coincides with International Women’s Day. Other countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, celebrate Mother’s Day on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, and sometimes refer to the day as Mothering Sunday.
  • Last year, greeting cards were the most popular item shoppers planned to purchase for their mother, followed closely by flowers and a special outing, according to the National Retail Foundation.
  • 31 percent of Americans reported buying fresh flowers for their mother in 2019, according to About Flowers.
  • About a quarter of all holiday-related flower purchases in the U.S. are made for Mother’s Day.
  • The median age at which women become mothers in the U.S. is 26, up from 23 in 1994, according to the Pew Research Center.
  • About 68 percent of mothers in the U.S. are married, while 24 percent are solo moms, according to Pew.
  • And, all moms like to be recognized—a hug, a note, a high-five, or even maybe a flower.  Even those moms who aren’t biologically moms (aka, ME) still want to know they are valued!   (could you tell this last one was from me, not the witty website where I found the other facts?)

Have a great week-


Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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