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Did You Know March 2, 2021

                                                                                                                                      March 2, 2021

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!   At least the sun is out and it’s not crazy cold!!  And spring break is just sneaking right up on you!  With the headline of it being Athletic Training Month, I wanted to share some statistics with you on why it’s so important to have Certified Athletic Trainers on staff at every high school and have coverage at every event and tournament!:

  • Sixty-two percent of organized sports-related injuries occur during practice.
  • Approximately ¼ of coaches, athletes and parents don’t do anything to prevent injuries.
  • Only 37% of public high schools employ a full-time athletic trainer.
  • Fifty four percent of athletes said they have played while injured. 

If your local school district doesn’t have a certified athletic trainer who cares for  your athletes, find out why not?  If your children go to a small school district, do they not deserve the same kind of care and support as the other children?  We have a number of excellent instructors in CareerTech who are Certified Athletic Trainers and they would love to share advocacy tools for the state of Oklahoma and where the efforts are at trying to get an ATC in every school.  At Your Own Risk | Home :  Source for information on the profession of Athletic Training:   NATA |

And in other news!!!! : 

  1.  I Don’t Know—This TED talk shares how as an educator it’s okay to NOT know everything!
  2. Cool web tool to Gamify your teaching!  Last week we had a great webinar on gaming and how it helps students learn hosted by the NCHSE.  You can find it posted here:  As a followup to that session, today’s Educator’s technology website shares this new app:  Another Excellent Web Tool to Gamify Your Teaching | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (
  3. Another topic to discuss with students—why does having another vaccine matter so much?
  4. Falls under category—too weird to not be true!   Doctor appears in court video call while performing surgery (
  5. OHCETA—watch for newsletter—awards, ideas for conference!  Next board meeting to be held via Zoom on March 24,  at 3pm—Please share ideas with your representative that you’d like to see at this coming year’s Summit (August Conference).
  6. New A & P book by Goodheart-Willcox!  We invite you to preview the new Anatomy & Physiology Essentials by Susan Hall, Michelle Provost-Craig, and William Rose. It features numerous photos, illustrations, tables, and special features throughout the text, and a clinical case study begins each chapter. The text covers the fundamental units from which the human body is built, includes all the individual body systems, and emphasizes terminology, structure, and function. The new 2nd edition features updated Research Notes, a new COVID-19 Case Study, content covering COVID-19 and related SARS viruses, and new development information that traces each body system throughout the human life span. The new Lab Manual by Saskia Richter provides activities, hands-on investigations, and dissections that help students gain a deeper understanding of the content. 

Request free online samples at (PROMO CODE ape2e)  Also—Register for a webinar with the author of the Lab Manual—she will be sharing tools and resources developed for one semester A & P courses!  Click here to register!

  1. CareerTech Anatomy and Physiology Standards DUE!!!  Please send in your activities listed in each section of the A & P crosswalk by the end of this week!!
  2. Virtual clinical experiences!  From a 2nd year teacher!  Please pass on any great things you see that other teachers would like!  Be sure to check it out in the attachment!
  3. Great reading app for Kids with Dyslexia!  :  Here Is A Great Reading App for Students with Dyslexia | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (

10. Read how a math teacher assigning students to build a blanket fort, then measure it was able to identify how students learn:  The Key to Better Student Engagement Is Letting Them Show You How They Learn | EdSurge News

11. Medical Assisting webinar is TOMORROW!!!  Get signed up NOW!:  Webinar: A Closer Look at the Medical Assisting Profession

Presenters: Kathy Cilia, American Medical Technologists Deputy Executive Director
Date & Time: Wednesday, March 3, 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Description: During this session, we will discuss the growing demand for medical assistants in the healthcare field. We will also highlight medical assisting competencies and their typical work environment. Finally, we will review the recommended education and certification paths as well as state licensure requirements

12. Medical Assisting meeting for anyone who teaches Medical Assisting Front office, Back Office, Phlebotomy or EKG Tech—THIS THURSDAY at 3:00pm Join Zoom Meeting:

13. ACTE is asking for presentation proposals for their “Best Practices and Innovations in CTE” conference to be held Sept. 29-October 1, 2021 in Austin Texas.  Submit your proposals by March 22 via this link..

14. The next Wednesday Webinar (Wednesday March 31, 2021 at 3pm CST, will be held by the National Consortium for Health Science Education is on “Making Telemedicine Work for You:  The National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers.  Register here: 

Lara Morris
State Program Manager |  Health Careers Education

Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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