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Did You Know August 27, 2021

If that doesn’t strike fear in your heart, I’m not sure what will!  Ok……maybe this….Summit is coming, Summit is coming!

We can’t wait to see everyone for our yearly professional development opportunity!  I thought you might need some information before you hit the road on Sunday!  We are in a new location in Oklahoma City this year… do NOT wait until the last moment to arrive—parking will be a challenge, and a new venue is always difficult to navigate at first.  We will be meeting next Monday at the Oklahoma City Convention Center ( Oklahoma City Convention Center ( whose physical address is 100 Mick Cornett Drive, Oklahoma City, Ok  73109.    For Google Maps Directions….. ( Oklahoma City Convention Center - Google Maps )  Parking information can be found at:  Parking - Parking OKC  and it notes that if you park in one of their facilities listed, your receipt is your ticket to ride the OKC streetcar for FREE all day!  So Bricktown is just a streetcar ride away.

  1. Summit Registration can be found here if you haven’t already registered: OKLAHOMA SUMMIT | OkACTE   Also, all information can be found on the Oklahoma ACTE app.  Please download prior to your arrival on Monday!  ‎Oklahoma Summit on the App Store (  All session information can be found on the app.  The attached agenda may have more current details regarding day 2.
  2. The Awards session will take place on Sunday night prior to conference.  Although registration is closed, most schools will probably have a table for their award winners.  Check with your local school regarding the banquet.
  3. OHCETA Business Meeting will be held first thing on Monday, August 2nd.  If you are an officer of OHCETA OR you are a programmatic representative, please be ready to give your report!  Any handouts for the conference will be received at this meeting.  The HCE agenda is attached.
  4. Day 1 Presentations—just a quick note that our speakers from last years’ online keynote for OHCETA will be presenting their session titled “RESET” during Mondays sessions.  It will be 1.5 hours long and discusses how to RESET our brains from the digital “lock” our devices have on us.  Especially children.  Worth hearing again!
  5. OHCETA, Day #2; Agenda and Silent Auction, 50/50 drawing!  See the attached document that holds the HCE agenda to plan which offerings you wish to attend at conference.  We have a VERY limited opportunity for those teachers not attending in person.  We were not notified until last week that any sessions would be necessary virtually, so sessions were not created.  At this time, we have one session from NCHSE and those of you attending day 2 at home, will have the option of using Master Teacher for your professional development needs. 
  6. Oklahoma HOSA Board of Directors will be elected during the HOSA Update meeting on August 3 at 1:30pm during Oklahoma Summit at Embassy Suites in Norman.  Voting will occur onsite and will be like all other HOSA voting where it is broken into large and small school ballots.  Contact Debbie Bennett for specifics. 

The slate is posted on the OKHOSA website at under Board of Directors.

Each school represented at the HOSA Update meeting will be allowed one ballot (vote) according to school size (small school vs. large school).  It will be the responsibility of the school advisors to caucus to determine the school’s choices.  A school must have had affiliated members during the 2020-2021 school year in order to vote.

The newly elected Board members will be announced during the Conference Adjournment on August 3 at 3:30pm.

  1. One of the sessions for Day 2 Summit will be a “Virtual Dementia Tour”. Sign-up sheet will be outside Sooner A at Embassy Suites on Tuesday, August 3.  Appointments start at 8:30am.  The Virtual Dementia Tour allows people to experience daily situations through the lens of a person living with dementia. Participants are guided through everyday tasks and experiences while outfitted with patented devices that alter their senses. The tour enables caregivers to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges those with dementia face, and use the experience to provide better person-centered care. Sign up for an appointment time!
  2. Technology Center Position openings—please share with qualified interested applicants!!!
    1. Green Country—Exec. Asst., Medical Office Assistant, Medical Coding and Medical Assistant instructor:
    2. STEM Instructor—Norman Career Opportunities — CareerTech (CT) -
    3. Leadership Professional Development Coordinator, ODCTE  Career Opportunities — CareerTech (CT) -
    4. Canadian Valley Tech Center:  Canadian Valley Technology Center - TalentEd Hire (

                                                               i.      Health Careers/Medical Assistant Instructor

                                                             ii.      Technical Assistant Health Careers

                                                           iii.      Adjunct AUA Clinical Instructor

                                                           iv.      Adjunct Clinical Instructor LTCA—RN or LPN license

    1. Francis Tuttle—PN Instructor-- Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Frontline Recruitment (
    2. Indian Capital—PN Instructor Indian Capital Technology Center - Frontline Recruitment (
    3. Metro Tech—Adjunct Faculty, Basic Nursing Program; Clinical Skills Observer/Adjunct Instructor  Metro Technology Centers Career Site (
    4. Moore-Norman—Adjunct PN Instructor  Moore Norman Technology Center - Frontline Recruitment (
    5. Tulsa Tech—PN Instructor-- Employment Opportunities | Tulsa Technology Center
  1. Long Term Care Workshop will be held VIRTUALLY on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.  Make a note to yourself and tell your adult coordinator, test site coordinator, and other LTC personnel to be prepared!
  2. Health Careers Boot Camp!!  It’s been YEARS since we were able to pull this off, but THIS is the year to try again!  Mark your calendars for October 6 and 7, 2021 and it will be held at Tulakogee which is a camp near Waggoner OK.   It is open to ALL Health Careers teachers, but will be limited to the first 60 registrants.  Watch for registration information coming soon.
  3. New Teachers—We are so excited to welcome you to your new career in teaching!  Those who were available met the first full week of July for a couple of days and we know they will be outstanding!  This will be the first Summit where there is NOT a new teacher session prior to the business meeting, so veteran teachers, don’t try to guide them to a meeting that doesn’t exist.   Susie, Sandy and I will be scheduling new teacher meetings, both in person and on Zoom depending on the teacher’s preference.
  4. Finally, please see the attached Summit Safety Measures letter sent by Dr. Mack and Skye McNeil from OKACTE regarding conference safety.   

If your co-teacher or administrator doesn’t receive this message, please forward it to them and then let me know they did not receive.  We are sending this to the most recent list in CTIMS, but if it’s not received, chances are the school needs to put you into a program ID. 

Can’t wait to see everyone and kick off another great new school year!

Lara Morris,
State Program Manager, ODCTE

Last Modified on Nov 05, 2021
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