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Did You Know August 24, 2021

I know we are a little early this week, but I’m hoping to get myself on a schedule that is more helpful than a Friday, last thing you see for the day email. 

  1. I’m sure you’ve all got opinions on the attached document “How to Survive the Politics of Another Covid School Year”, an article that one of my colleagues sent out to program managers to share.  Interestingly enough, I found a TedEd post that relates!  In the 20th century, most vaccines took over a decade to research, test, and produce. But the vaccines for COVID-19 were cleared for emergency use in less than 11 months. The secret behind this speed is a medical technology that’s been developing for decades: the mRNA vaccine. So how do these revolutionary vaccines work? Kaitlyn Sadtler and Elizabeth Wayne dig into the science of mRNA technology.   View the animation »
  2. “Educators must be more than allies!” In order to create a safe and productive learning environment in schools, we need educators to be advocates, not just allies. Learn how to take that leap with with Kelly D. Holstine's talk.  View Kelly's talk here»
  3. My office is pulling together information for those of you who wish to help us challenge House Bill 1786, demonstrating that a Masters degree could take the place of a science endorsement.  If you have not contacted me, please let me know you wish to be part of the challenge.    You will need to have a current teaching credential, current health practitioner credential, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.  We may ask for original transcripts or verifications of credentials and you will get an email from us. 
  4. Did you attend the Ok Bureau of Narcotics session at Summit?  It was fantastic and I thought I’d share contact information for the Education Specialist if you’d like to schedule a presentation at your school.  Although Kristina Marcotte was our presenter, her primary job is a Criminal Intelligence Analyst, when she’s not analyzing intelligence, she’s not catching bad guys!  She mentioned that there are two education specialists in the state.  Please contact juli.wegner at  or go to the “Request a Presentation” link:  Request a presentation? | Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, OK (  if you’d like to set up a session!
  5. Telehealth is one of the best things we got from the pandemic!  This article speaks to the power of telehealth, especially with students who may not feel as though they are being heard:  Creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students through telehealth | Page 2 of 2 (
  6. The CareerTech Educator Conference (formerly known as Teacher Academy) is just around the corner and will provide both in-person and virtual options.  The virtual conference sessions will be pre-recorded.  The Health division participates in this session and another in January to complete New Teacher training.  It’s not REQUIRED, but very much recommended!   What's in store for CareerTech educators at the fall event?  Let's find out:
  • Relevant Topics - including student engagement, flipped classroom, and more!  View the agenda here.
  • Engaging In-Person Sessions - breakout sessions will be 75 minutes in length to allow time for participant engagement.   
  • On-Demand Access - recorded sessions will be available for viewing through January 1, 2022.
  • Networking Opportunities - planned for both in-person and virtual attendees during the scheduled lunch time.

If you haven't registered for the upcoming Educator Conference (formerly known as the Teacher Academy), do so today!  Choose your option for registering:  In Person Educator Conference (registration closes at noon on 9/9/2021)   Virtual Educator Conference (registration closes at noon on 9/14/2021)  We look forward to seeing you on September 16th!

  1. An Educator’s guide to “ The 31 Educational Web Tools Every Teacher Should Know About!”  This list features some interesting web tools for teachers keen on integrating technology into their instruction and work routine. There are loads of web platforms that are educationally focused and to contain them all in one list is way beyond the scope of a short blog post like this , therefore I selected only what I deemed the most important.  The 31 Educational Web Tools Every Teacher Should Know about | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (
  2. Great News!  Our friend, Jason Noreen from the State Dept. of Health will start his new position as the Director of the Nurse Aide Registry beginning next Monday, August 30, 2021.  He will replace Vicki Kirtley who retired this summer.  Jason has been an invaluable resource to us all as the surveyor of educational programs and will do a great job!  Jason’s contact information will stay the same:  p. 405-426-8150, c. 405-250-5094 or
  3. In other personnel news, we welcome our part-time assistant, Jeanette Furlong back to our office.  We missed her so much last year and having her is like adding a staff person, because she can work faster than us old people!  If you receive an email from Jeanette, it’s just like I sent it—so please don’t delete!  Jeanette is a Senior Ag Comm/Ag Education major at Oklahoma State where she is a McKnight Scholar.  She is about the coolest thing EVER and she keeps us laughing and feeling young!  Check out her photo as an attachment!
  4. A recent poll shares the demographic numbers of vaccinations in the United States.  Check this out:   NBC News poll shows demographic breakdown of the vaccinated in the U.S.   Is it what you expected?  Why or why not?  How many of your clinical sites are mandating masks or vaccinations in order to attend clinicals?  Remember, we have posted suggested language for handbooks on under Health/COVID 19 Resources.
  5. Anyone interested in helping revise Long Term Care written and/or skills tests, we are having a meeting TOMORROW—that’s Wednesday at 3:30pm on Zoom with Jennifer Palacio from the Health Certification Project.  We will be identifying problem questions/concerns with the assessment (we know you haven’t SEEN the test, but that students ask you questions about it after the fact.)  Follow up meetings will occur at a later date!  Join Zoom Meeting:   Meeting ID: 882 249 1946
  6. Did You Know that the National Consortium for Health Science Education has a catalog of webinars  Webinar Archives | National Consortium for Health Science Education ( that they have accumulated over the past two years?  Topics on Medical Assisting, Speech/Language Careers, Best Practices from Teachers and so much more!  Be sure to check out the webinar on Health Science Curriculum Enhancements  National Health Science Standards Curriculum Enhancements 6.0 August 2020 | National Consortium for Health Science Education ( debuted in 2020.  These resources are insanely popular and were created by classroom teachers FOR classroom teachers!!  And the enhancements are only $350 for NCHSE members—which you are because ODCTE has paid for our membership!
  7. Are you looking for resources to get your work-based learning experiences off the ground? The new Work-Based Learning Toolkits cover the spectrum from awareness to hands-on activities and include step-by-step guides for what to do before, during, and after the experience for students, teachers, and the WBL partner. You'll find:
  • Preparation materials for partners
  • Student evaluations 
  • Reflection activities
  • Detailed guides, checklists, and more.

Click here to check out the toolkits. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to

  1. Register now for the Health Science Educator’s Association Teacher Boot Camp to be held on September 25, 2021!  It will feature not one, not two, but THREE of Oklahoma’s finest!!!  See the agenda/flyer attached!
  2. Finally, the NCHSE has released the Wednesday Webinar schedule for the Fall of 2021.  See the attachment and make plans to attend at 3:00pm CST.  All webinars are also archived to the website as mentioned in number 12 above. 


Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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