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HCE Email #4

HCE Email #4  - From Lara Morris, State Program Manager

Happy Monday one and all.  Well, the bad news is, this craziness hasn't disappeared yet, but the good news is, we have more solutions to help!    

1. Resource Information from NCHSE: 

The publishers/educational resources group is stepping up in a big way to support teachers at the classroom level. Several teachers gifted in digital learning, Katrina Haynes, Karen Edwards and Rhonda Evatt created a fully developed Google Drive with extensive free classroom resources. If you are a member of HSEA, Health Science Educators Association, it will be in the Google Drive On March 18, NCHSE offered two webinars; one for state leaders and one for health science teachers highlighting curriculum resources and supportive strategies. A total of 794 people registered for the two events. While not all attended, we believe the posted recordings will be visited often. Forty-six states were represented along with DC and Puerto Rico. Our webinars continue to be very popular as topics are engaging, and educators are seeking a sense of community. Additional support is planned in April to assist teachers with online curriculum delivery. 

NCHSE social media channels have provided opportunities to connect with amazing health science teachers across the country. The Health Science Educators Association (HSEA) continues to gain new members weekly. Work is continuing on the four-course health science framework and building those assessments. 

Changes for the 2019-2020 NCHSE Assessment Program will be shared on our Wednesday Webinar, April 8. It seems likely NCHSE will experience a revenue loss on assessments this year, but we understand this is happening across all sectors.  In May, it will be exciting to review revisions to the NCHSE Health Science Curriculum Enhancements.  Hopefully, this updated resource will generate a stable revenue stream for the near future.   

2. NO CLICK!!!  Many times I will send out an email and I get the response that a link within it can't be opened.  If that happens to you, please look at the address in your browser (where you type web site names, searches, etc.).  The State of Oklahoma, with your security in mind, now prevents ODCTE from clicking on any outside link.  We first have to go to the browser and delete the words NO CLICK and any spaces so that the original email can be seen.  



If you remove the noclick_ that is bolded above, then hit enter, the page will work successfully.  Sorry for the trouble--we hate it too! 

3.  Nurse Tim--They still haven't responded to my ask for customer service regarding our OHCETA password.  If you've logged in before, ask for a password reset.  If you haven't, you can try to login with ohceta20 as the password.  I'm not sure if this is correct but when I know for sure, I'll let you know.

 4.  COVID-19 Resources - We are working on a COVID-19 Resources page to go on our website.  All information from previous emails will be housed there and new information as it comes along.

 5.  FREE and FANTASTIC!!!  One of your peer teachers, Melissa Johnson, has created a COVID-19 resource in Quizlet for each of you to use with your students!

Start studying COVID-19. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 

 6.  We have created a new space on on the Health area.  Please take a few minutes to go to and either log in or register and log in.  The code to get access is health2014.  Susie has created a space for each occupational area (or most of them--some are combined) to post ideas, resources, lesson plans, ask what other teachers are doing, etc.   Our hope is that you can create your own community/network of teachers/friends to help through this time.  So, again, log in, scroll through options to Health, then on the very top of the page it will list "High School Classrooms" Technology Centers, "Training" and under that "CHAT"  Click on Chat, scroll to find the area that best fits what you teach and when it asks you for an enrollment key, type "discussion" then you'll be in there and won't have to do that again.

CALL US--or EMAIL US!  We can help give you ideas to help get you through these next few weeks and months! 

(405) 747-9327 

Last Modified on Oct 26, 2021
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