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Technology Center Certificate

Eligibility: Recommendation for the Technology Center Certificate is available to full-time instructors at technology centers that have an associate’s degree or higher, from a regionally accredited college or university.

Requirements for a Technology Center Certificate:

  • Official transcript with date conferred for associate’s degree or higher, from a regionally accredited university
  • Approved industry credential, NOCTI or OSAT
  • Completion of divisional New Teacher Academy
  • Two years of full time field experience in subject area
  • Background check for certification
  • 15 credit hours in professional education courses and/or 225 approved ODCTE professional education clock hours

If you are eligible to apply for a Technology Center Certificate, please submit a recommendation form to

Upon completion of requirements, qualifying technology center instructors with an associate's degree will receive a "Career Tech Standard" certificate.  The certificate can be renewed every five years with standard renewal fee.  Submission of further credit hours or professional development hours are not required for renewal of the certificate.  The Career Tech Standard certificate can only be used for teaching in an Oklahoma Technology Center. There are limitations to adding different certification areas to the certificate.

Qualifying technology center instructors with a bachelor's degree or higher will receive a "Standard" certificate.  The standard certificate is not limited to technology centers and additional areas may be added via testing.  Technology center instructors currently seeking certification via the Alternative Placement Program may want to consider this route, as both options result in a standard certificate.

Provisional – Technology Center Certificate

Instructors that qualify for a provisional teaching certificate may choose the “Provisional – Technology Center Certificate” certification plan as they work to complete plan requirements.

If you would like to change your certification plan, please complete a new certification plan form and email to

Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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