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Provisional Certification

CareerTech can issue provisional certification in Ag, Business, Health Occupations, FCS, Marketing and Trade and Industrial Education. Applicants are required to have two years of field experience in the subject area.

Application Documents

Certification Plan Options:

If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, but have two years of field experience -

  • You may qualify for a provisional certificate while you work toward the bachelor’s degree of your choice.  After the bachelor’s degree is obtained, you may apply to the Alternative Placement Program for an Alternative Standard Certificate. Provisional - Alternative (SDE)
  • You may qualify for a provisional certificate while you work toward a bachelor’s degree in Career & Technical Education.  Once program requirements are complete, the university will recommend for a standard teaching certificate. Provisional - Seeking CT Education Degree

If you have a bachelor’s degree and two years of field experience -

  • You may apply to the Alternative Placement Program for Career Tech Ag, Business, FACS, Marketing, Technology Engineering and T&I certifications.  You may need provisional certification if you are teaching before the Initial Alternative Certificate is issued.  Once program requirements are complete, OSDE will issue an Alternative Standard Certificate. Provisional - Alternative (SDE)
  • You may complete the Non-Traditional Career Technical Education program at Oklahoma State University.  You will need a provisional certification while working toward your standard certificate. Once program requirements are complete, OSU will recommend for a Standard Certificate.  Please note the linked document is titled "OSU Alternative (Non-Traditional) Path" - it is not associated with the Alternative Placement Program through OSDE.  Provisional - Non Traditional (OSU)

If you are a technology center instructor -

  • A Technology Center Certificate is available for the following areas: Trade and Industrial Education, CareerTech Business, Occupational Family & Consumer Science, CareerTech Health Occupations, and CareerTech Marketing
  • Instructors must have an associate's degree or higher from a regionally accredited university to qualify. 15 credit hours in professional education courses or 225 clock hours ODCTE approved professional education required. New Teacher Academy and appropriate OSAT / NOCTI / industry credential also required.
  • Instructors may choose this provisional certification plan if working toward their degree: Provisional - Technology Center Certificate

If you already have a standard teaching certificate -

  • You may take OSAT or NOCTI tests to add a certification area to your standard certificate.  Certain licenses will also qualify for a recommendation to a standard certificate.  A provisional certification would be needed for the specific area until it can be added to the standard certificate. 12 credit hours of career technical education and/or 180 professional development hours will be required for areas that do not have a designated OEQA approved test or license. Provisional - Standard

If you are a registered nurse seeking a bachelor's degree in a major other than Career & Technical Education: Provisional - Health Occupations: RN seeking degree

  • Once the bachelor's degree is obtained, a standard teaching certificate in school nurse certification can be issued.
  • A provisional certification would be needed for Health Occupations (7515) until it can be added to the standard certificate by completing CT requirements for adding a certification to an existing standard.

More information on Provisional - Seeking CT Education Degree

This path is for a teacher that wants to earn a Career & Technical Education degree.  The teacher would continue with the provisional process until the degree is earned and a standard certification is recommended by the university.  A minimum 2.5 GPA is required along with a portfolio and foreign language.

Oklahoma State University -  College of Education Career & Technical Education Degree Sheet OSU offers Career & Technology Education certifications in Ag, Health, Business & IT, Family & Consumer Sciences, Marketing, Technology Engineering and Trade & Industrial Arts

East Central University offers Career & Technology Education certification in Family & Consumer Sciences.

Northwestern Oklahoma State and Oklahoma Panhandle State offer certifications in Agriculture education.

UCO Career, Technical & Workforce Development degree program note:  Once the degree is obtained from UCO, the teacher would need to apply to the Alternative Placement Program (OSDE) for standard certification. (Foreign language and portfolio are not required through Alternative Placement Program.)

University Teacher Prep Programs for Career & Technology Education – Graduates from these programs may be directly recommended to OSDE for standard certification.

More information on Provisional - Alternative

This path is for a teacher that has field experience in a subject area and is working towards earning a degree or already has a degree.  Once a bachelor's degree (from regionally accredited university) is obtained, the teacher would apply to the Alternative Placement Program.

A teacher who already has a bachelor’s degree and will be applying to the Alternative Placement Program may need immediate provisional certification until they have completed the initial certification in the Alternative Placement Program.

HB3025 effective November 1, 2016:

  • Major is not required to align with teaching area.
  • 2.5 GPA is no longer required under the “2 years of qualified work experience” option.
  • Approved NOCTI exams/licenses will work in the place of an OSAT.
  • 2 college credit courses required: classroom management & pedagogical principals.  The following courses will satisfy this requirement:  (Note: This is not a complete list of courses that will satisfy the requirement.)

- UCO: CTWD 4253 - Safety, Org, & Mgmt of CTWD; CTWD 4853 - Methods of Teaching for CTWD

- OSU: CTED 4213 - Safety, Org, & Mgmt of Learning Facilities; CTED 4103 Instructional Procedures in CTED

- Panhandle State: EDUC 4533 Secondary Classroom Management and Assessment; EDUC 4322 Methods and Materials of Secondary Teaching

- University of Phoenix: Classroom Management for Educators (EDUC521) - ; Secondary Teaching Methods (TCH510) -                         (Note: Out of state universities are not eligible for Foundation and Lottery scholarships.)

Alternative Placement Program Prerequisites:

  • Bachelor's degree from regionally accredited university
  • Must have 2 years field experience in the subject area

After being accepted into the program, a teacher may be eligible for initial alternative certification after passing the OGET, OSAT, and background check.

The teacher will then have three years to complete a professional education component (semester hours and/or professional development *including 2 college credit courses: classroom management & pedagogical principals) and pass the OPTE in order to advance to an alternative standard certificate.  Please see additional details on the OSDE website: Alternative Placement Program

The following PDF document is an outline of the Alternative Placement requirements and contains links to additional information: Alternative Certification PDF

Last Modified on Jun 02, 2023
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