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Test Requirements

Test requirements for all Business, Marketing and IT education programs.

All BMITE career majors are aligned to industry certifications. Students are expected to pass specific exams to prove competency achievement. The required exams for each course can be found in each of the following areas: the course development guides in the career cluster framework, the course syllabi or the testing guides.

Testing Guides

The testing guides are located on ctYou, the CareerTech online community, at Access to many areas of ctYou are restricted to the Oklahoma CareerTech community. If you need access, contact the BMITE division for login instructions. Once you are a member of the ctYou community, you can log in to ctYou, scroll to Course Categories, select BMITE, then select the BMITE Teacher Resources Course. This course is organized by topics. Select Curriculum. If you are logged in to ctYou, click here to access testing guides for each cluster area by course.

SHL Talent Central (formerly Brainbench Testing)

The agency is negotiating a statewide agreement with SHL Talent Central, formerly the Brainbench Test Center, to allow students to access more than 600 certification tests. Each school will work directly with SHL on contract details and support. Once the contract is purchased, SHL representatives will work with you to establish your account. The price and specific details will be presented during Oklahoma Summit.

For specific information, contact John Williams at or Jessica Adams at For general support contact

User Guide - "Watch the instructional videos sent to instructors. The links are found on the Oklahoma Summit Breakout spreadsheet and in

TOSA Certification

The TOSA Certification is for everyone: students, employees and jobseekers. TOSA delivers a score on a 1 to 1,000 scale without fail, allowing any person to validate skills on a resume. The result of the test is determined using a scientific scoring method. The tests include multiple-choice questions and in-application software manipulations in real-life situations. Certifications are taken under exam conditions in an authorized center
 or via remote proctoring services. Please contact Daniel Bird, vice president of North America Sales, at (833) 476.4723.

The BMITE division has approved the following certifications:

  • TOSA DIGICOMP Certification.
  • TOSA InDesign Certification.
  • TOSA Illustrator Certification.
  • TOSA Photoshop Certification.
  • TOSA PowerPoint Certification.
  • TOSA Outlook Certification.
  • TOSA VBA Excel Certification.
  • TOSA Word Certification.
  • TOSA Excel Certification.

Precision Exams by YouScience

We have worked with Precision Exams to align Precision Exams to our BMITE courses. Each School will work with Precision Exams to purchase and setup testing. Setup can be done by the student or as a batch upload. The student will need their state testing number to use for student ID for registration or access.

Schools may purchase a student voucher for a single exam for $8. Each voucher will be good for up to 18 months. For additional information on site licenses, bundle site license, setup or support see below:

For quotes and purchasing information contact Amy Barnes

For quotes and purchasing information call 918.810.1368

For support and setup information contact or call 801.653.9356


Certiport is a pioneer in providing complete career-oriented certification solutions to academic institutions and IT professionals. These services encompass test development, psychometrics, program management, sales and marketing for the official Microsoft Office certification program, the Microsoft Technology Associate certification program, the Adobe Certified Associate certification program, the Adobe Certified Expert program, the Autodesk Certified User certification program, the Autodesk Certified Professional certification program, the Intuit QuickBooks Certified User certification program and the IC3 Digital Literacy certification.

ACE College Credit Recommendation Services:

For more information about Certiport, contact Janette Sayer at or 888.222.7890, ext. 158.


To view a list of the exams, and the knowledge and skills for those exams, that have been developed by the ODCTE Standards and Assessments Division, click here. The tests are arranged by career cluster areas. These exams are free and must be administered by designated local test liaisons.

(You will need to login to to access these.)

For more information about your testing liaison, contact Jennifer Palacio at 405.743.5160 or

Certification Approval Information

O*Net: Use this site to find SOC Codes.

CareerOneStop: Use this site to find certification type.

Email approval form to program specialist for your area

Cooperative Alliance

The Cooperative Alliance program is for high school students AND adult students.

High school students can complete their high school studies while earning college credit toward an Associate in Applied Science degree by successfully completing recognized assessments. Colleges in Oklahoma may award college credit for the successful assessment.

Lists of participating colleges, degrees, technology centers and assessments

Link to a list of Prior Learning Assessments (Click Prior Learning Assessments)

Last Modified on May 16, 2022
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