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OkPTAC Funding Application

The hyperlinked documents are what you need to complete an option-year application to continue in the OkPTAC program in the year starting Aug. 1, 2021. Share this website with others at your tech center or with anyone who asks.

Local Funding Opportunity Announcement (basic info about the program and certain important information like the due date on your response)

Local Application Instructions (detailed instructions on what we want back from you so we can assess your program and your needs)

PTAP General Terms & Conditions (overall rules for our federal grant program)

An Excel template for your budget summary (helps us get a statewide budget together by main categories)

A template for your primary service area (though if nothing has changed from last year, just say that)

A template for your proposed goals (please use this rather than inserting your goals in various locations. I need to find them in one format across all schools)

The same sample we sent last year to show how we do our detailed budget for DLA is available by request from Oklahoma Careertech applicants. We hope this is helpful in showing the kinds of details you need to include in order for us to review and know that your plan is focused on PTAC mission and goals and compliant with federal grant regs.

NOTE: This is an option year. If any document is essentially the same, just say so. If you want to write a short narrative to describe anything you may be doing differently (like you might be planning to return to more client site visits and want to explain that or other travel like training). Otherwise, we can certainly refer to your submission last year.  Check what you sent, though. My impression is that your chain of command changes frequently and you might at least need a new note to us giving us new names even if your org chart hasn’t changed. What I do need new each year is detailed and summary budgets for sure.

NOTE 2: I reference these docs as for existing centers only because of the several places I mention about this application can be short. I will be preparing a similar announcement to send to certain non-participating tech centers asking them to propose what it would take for them to have a center. I don’t expect a workable proposal, but I might get a creative option that seems workable and if it looks like it could add significantly to our metrics I might be able to negotiate a way for them to enter the program. It would have to serve a need of the program (underserved area, for example). So, if you have anyone ask from another school, please tell them to write or call me. I don’t mean to exclude anyone, but the language in this set of documents is really for you.

Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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